My Secret Paper Prescription Pad

As we get invited for site visits, I meet a few physicians who are doing great, and a few who are doing so-so, but on average, many physicians who are struggling using their EMR systems. Of course we all would like to be the top performer, but we all have different ways of learning and adapting to new information. Most physicians went to medical school [...]

My EMR Had Triplets: Addressing duplicates in the Problem List

When Dr. Lawrence Weed first developed the problem-oriented medical record (POMR) he may not have exactly envisioned the current state of the problem list. As I have observed many times during my site visits, the problem list contains multiple diagnoses that are synonymous, such as Hypertension, Essential Hypertension, and High Blood Pressure. Despite [...]

The Problem List is a Problem: Pregnancy as an active problem for 5 years?

Because the problem list serves as a foundation for better patient care across multiple specialties, maintenance of the problem list is of tantamount importance. The problem list is a core element of many EHR systems, however, many physicians struggle with a lengthy, cluttered, out-of-date problem list, which is of little use to the physician. [...]

How Tracking Improves Physician Training

An important component of an effective mobile learning strategy for physicians is Tracking. Tracking not only allows you to measure engagement, it can also provide powerful insights into the areas where higher levels of learning are required. Take for instance the search function. When it comes to physician use of smart phones, search is the most [...]

3 Notifications to Improve Physician Training

An important component of an effective mobile learning strategy for physicians is the use of notifications. There are basically three types of mobile notifications: Advisory: Message received when not using the app Reactive: Message received when, and typically in response to using the app In-App: Message sent to the app inbox Understanding how and [...]

Machine Learning Now on Your Phone

Despite the incredible pace of mobile web adoption, and the fact that most physicians already have a smart phone in their pocket, only 10% of companies leverage mobile for learning (Source: Brandon Hall Group). We put together a list of Six Components of an Effective Mobile Learning Strategy for Physicians. One important component is machine learning. [...]

CME Credits for Using Your Smartphone?

Another important component of an effective mobile learning strategy for physicians is awarding Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits. Ongoing completion of a certain number of CMEs is required by all State Medical Boards for physician licensure, and medical specialty boards to maintain board certification. There are generally two CME [...]

Mobile Learning – Content is Still King

An important component of an effective mobile learning strategy for physicians is Content, and not just any content, great content, and a lot of it! Physicians spend the most time on their smart phones searching for information (48% of their time, 87% of physicians use a smart phone; Source: Manhattan Research/Physician Channel Adoption Study). It’s [...]

Physician Mobile App – Going

An important component of a mobile strategy is called “going native”. When delivering training via mobile devices, you basically have three options: Using the mobile device’s internet browser Hybrid multi platform app using a single framework such as PhonegapTM Going native for each platform (i.e. IOSTM, AndroidTM, etc..) Each route has its pros [...]

ImplementHIT Releases Free Zika Training

ImplementHIT is pleased to announce the release of a free, comprehensive Zika training based on CDC guidelines. The training is targeted towards physicians and nurses, and available on Apple and Android IOS mobile solutions. With the current, quickly spreading outbreak of the Zika virus, and concern regarding congenital anomalies such as microcephaly, [...]